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About ATLDC (Atlanta Data Center)

We've Been Here
ATLDC is the Data Center operator and manager for Tulix Systems, Inc.. ATLDC isn't new to this business. Originally called HomeCom Communications, Tulix's ATLDC operation encompasses over two decades of delivering quality internet services. We've been here a long time and will continue to be here much longer. The same management team has been together from the beginning until now. That is a continuity of operations which is a rare commodity in today's marketplace.

ATLDC enjoys a legacy and reputation of Quality Services dating back to 1994. As the deliverer of Tulix Systems and other's applications (SAAS) and the launching point of the Tulix CDN (VDN), ATLDC must provide a higher level of infrastructure, customer service and support. As a custom (not a commodity) facility, ATLDC tailors its packages to each of our partner's specific requirements.

We Are Here
ATLDC (Atlanta Data Center) is located downtown Atlanta Georgia and provides colocation, specializing in services for companies needing high bandwidth blended internet connections using Tier I providers. ATLDC has over 8,000 square feet of available Data Center space.

Having moved into its current Data Center in 2006 ATLDC has expanded from an initial 1,800 square feet to its current size. Tulix specializes in the area of streaming technology, both live and VOD; ATLDC is designed and maintained with a network capable of providing substantial quantities of quality bandwidth.

Because Tulix Systems, Inc. is primarily an ASP, ATLDC must provide a high performance network with multihomed, Tier 1 bandwidth. Additionally, because we must support Tulix's applications, our technicians, systems administrators and developers have additional skill sets that make them a cut above the rest.

If you need 1U of space or several thousand square feet, ATLDC is the destination for your mission critical Data Systems. Please contact us to discuss your needs. And we hope to welcome you to the ATLDC family.

We'll Be Here
With the support which ATLDC provides for the corporate parent (Tulix), it is essential that it continue to provide continuous high quality service. With operations going back for over two decades (forever in internet terms) ATLDC is not a start up in danger of disappearing. It is an ongoing, viable, diversified operation which you can count on to provide you with service for years to come. We are setup to provide you with space, power and connection.

Colocation that serves and protects your business

  • Power

    ATLDC has a 350 kW power footprint. This allows for an average 3.3 kW per rack in power consumption. Given that many racks are not filled to capacity we will accommodate a limited amount of 5.5 kW cabinets.

  • Fail Over

    Fail over consists of a fully operational power train which is independent of the availability of the local power grid. In the case of ATLDC the power feed has an ATS with a full capacity Cummins NG Generator. There are also two 160 kVA Powerware UPS units to pick up any switch or surge.

  • Network

    The ATLDC network is designed as the source point of a worldwide VDN. As such it has multiple Tier 1 providers with multiple high capacity connections.

  • Diverse Path/Multihomed

    To protect the integrity of the Network ATLDC has providers entering the data center by three distinctly separated cable paths (diverse path). This eliminates any worry about the fiber links being physically cut. Additionally ATLDC is served by multiple ISPs (multihomed) so ATLDC's network performance is not subject to difficulties being experienced by any single provider's network.

  • Redundancy

    ATLDC is fully N+1 in both its power and cooling systems. Should 1 UPS fail, there is another to take over. Should one switch or edge router fail, there is another waiting, should an HVAC unit go down there is more than enough capacity to still keep things cool. This not only protects from outages of any kind, but allows for professional maintenance of any and all components.

  • Performance

    ATLDC is considered a Tier III (self-certified) data center and is both PCI and HIPAA compliant. The facility is considered to be audit ready providing for partners to be able to quickly obtain any and all necessary certifications.

About Tulix Systems

Tulix Systems ATLDC is the Data Center operations arm of Tulix Systems, Inc. With over 8,000 square feet of space in Atlanta, GA ATLDC has been operating data centers since the mid-nineties.

Tulix Systems is a global leader in digital video distribution and monetization. We utilize our own CDN infrastructure, designed and built from the ground up specifically for pristine video distribution. Tulix helps broadcasters and content owners stream and monetize live, linear, and VOD content globally on all devices with end-to-end OTT/IPTV solutions. Learn more at www.tulix.com.

Tulix is a privately held service provider with specialization in applications for the telecommunication, broadcast and finance industries. Located in the heart of Atlanta's telecommunications and Internet community, Tulix's worldwide headquarters includes private networks and secure data centers with multiple 10Gbps connections to U.S. and International backbones to ensure uptime.

The Tulix team consists of a full time Atlanta staff, with an international staff located in the Republic of Georgia for around the clock development and support services. Tulix was founded by George Bokuchava and Nino Doijashvili, both PhDs with extensive experience in the internet, technology and application development.

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