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ATLDC Overview

Data Center Specification, Operating Parameters and Minimum Requirements

General Specifications
Given the criticality and 24/7 nature of operational requirements, ATLDC's Colocation and Hosting Facility design meets high industry standards in accordance with Uptime Institute Tier III Design Topology. The facility also meets the requirements of PCI TPP DSE Data Security Standard 1.2.1. Operational Sustainability shall be no less than 99.999%. All major power and LAN components are Concurrently Maintainable from facility demarcation to Customer solution. Support services shall be available 24/7/365. All equipment components (CRAC, Generator and UPS) are maintained by manufacturer certified maintenance technicians in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.

The hosting facility is in compliance with the following requirements as minimums.

General Description
Customer's Solution shall be housed in a Raised Floor environment Data Center with a 150 # Floor Load design minimum. All critical components are able to undergo Concurrent Maintenance including full outage and be Fault Tolerant with N+1 Redundant Capacity at minimum.

Power to Customer's Cabinets shall consist of at least two true A/B Simultaneously Active Distribution Paths each of which is diverse from the data center primary switchgear through UPS, Transformer and Power Distribution Unit with completely diverse paths. Data Center power distribution shall provide for Remote Monitoring over Internet and Power Management. RPP/PDU shall have the capacity to feed 208 volt 3 phase power to Customer's solution. Distribution Configuration shall be diverse path and in a tray or wire way environment providing for short notice addition of power feeds to Customer's Cabinets if needed. Facility design shall provide for an average of 3kw per cabinet. Facility UPS shall be N+1 in a 4X4 configuration with a separate and independent 4X2 transformer allowing for both Internal and Full Failure External System Bypass. Utility feeds contain an ATS to provide for Automatic Generator activation. The facility is on the 'Grady' power grid which is fed by three Southern Company Power Stations. Data Center is fed by its own power feed independent of building feeds and has its own Natural Gas full capacity generator. Circuit loads are measured and monitored independently and power usage loads may be viewed by customer remotely at any time.

Climate Control
Data Center is cooled by a Raised Floor air Distribution system which provides for complete distributed air flow regardless of individual CRAC failure or down time maintenance. Center is based upon a Hot/Cold Aisle Design providing for even air distribution with minimal eddy and hot points. Ducted solutions are not acceptable. All Condenser and/or Chilled Water is routed below or external to the Data Center environment preventing any possibility of water condensation or leakage affecting computer room equipment. All CRAC units are Professionally Maintained by factory certified personnel and are covered by a scheduled periodic preventative maintenance program. CRAC units provide no greater than a 68 F discharge air temperature. Air flow temperatures are constantly monitored and can be viewed by Customer externally via the internet.

Fire Suppression
Fire suppression systems is Dry Chemical Halon, FM-200 or equivalent complying with NFPA and UA requirements. Neither Dry Pipe nor Wet Pipe sprinklers are acceptable. Fire suppression annunciation panel alarms are directly connected to First Responders requiring no human action for notification. Systems are third party inspected by NFPA certified technicians at least annually.

Facility Access and Security
The Data Center Facility provides secure access in accordance with industry recommendations and PCI requirements. A Security Guard is on premises conducting access control and rounds at all times. Data Center access is Biometric in nature to control access to specified approved personnel. Biometric Access must be Electronically Logged and Stored. Internal Data Center and External building Access Points are equipped with Video Surveillance. Data Center Surveillance is both Video and Motion Detection with monitoring available to Customer via Internet. Cabinets are 42U, HP Quick Rail Compatible, ventilated on both front and back with secure, uniquely locked doors.

The Data Center LAN and WAN connection is in compliance with the following requirements as minimums.

General Description
ATLDC's Data Center Network is Fiber Based, uses fully managed Edge and Distribution Switches and is able to meet PCI Standard 1.1. Architecture is designed for simultaneous processing over and above a fail over architecture such that traffic continuously flows through primary and secondary paths. Data Center has the capacity to provide fiber fed 1 Gbps port speeds to Customer's Cabinets.

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