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Green Center

Atlanta's Green Data Center

ATLDC's Green Data Center Initiatives

Energy Efficiency/Green (environmentally sound) considerations: In an effort to promote environmentally sound policies in line with recent policy adopted by the Federal Government; ATLDC is able to submit to its Customers and prospective customers a Green Initiative Performance Program for their operations. This program addresses the recommendations of the Green Electronics Council and Standard Performance Evaluation Corp. All servers and equipment meet requirements of the 80 Plus power guidelines. Green Initiatives address the Seven Step program including Consolidation, Power Management, Energy Efficiency, Power Supplies, Internal Barriers, EPA Standards and Environmental Advocacy. They are:

  • Point 1
    Consolidate, consolidate, consolidate.
    • Servers not in use are unplugged
    • Virtualization is used wherever feasible
    • Actively work with clients to encourage their use of virtualization.
  • Point 3
    Upgrade to energy-efficient servers
    • Retired previous generation servers
    • Multi core processors for more efficient information processing
    • 80 plus power supplies
  • Point 5
    Break down internal barriers
    • Data Centers are separately metered
    • Each circuit is monitored through the PDU's
    • Each connection can be separately controlled
  • Point 2
    Turn on power management
    • Use of Powerware managed distribution units (PDU's)
    • Power usage monitored and controlled on an individual circuit basis.
    • Monthly review of power usage
  • Point 4
    Use high-efficiency power supplies
    • 85% efficiencypower supplies at load
    • Efficient use of air conditioning with Hot Cold aisle design
    • Properly sized case fans
  • Point 6
    Follow the standards
    • 80 Plus hardware recommendations
    • High voltage distribution panels and transformers on to the Data Center floor
    • Longer presence of more efficient high voltage feeds
  • Point 7
    Advocate for change.
    • Through our participation in various organizations and forums and in all that we have listed above, we strongly believe that we are an active advocate for change. ATLDC makes a concerted effort to improve its power consumption footprint not only as a matter of controlling cost, but through a commitment to being a good citizen.
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