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About Colocation

Colocation basically comes down to the provision of SPACE, POWER and CONNECTIVITY. A place to put your servers, the ability to plug them in, a cable to the internet. This is pretty much constant no matter who you choose as your provider. The differential then, is not what is being provided so much as how it is being provided. Colocation is about service and dependability in each of these three categories.

Here at ATLDC the emphasis is focused on quality. Quality that is delivered economically for the client giving them the best value for the services they receive. We try and meet the client's needs, not force the client into our categories. ATLDC has deliberately chosen to give the customer what they desire;

  • Custom packages, tailored to each customer's specific requirements
  • High-performance bandwidth
  • Designed to provide large quantities of quality bandwidth to support video streaming
  • Physically secure colocation sites and facilities
  • Optional services, such as installation, staging, remote hands, network maintenance, and more
  • Over 8,000 square feet of raised floor data center space
  • Highly skilled technicians, system administrators and developers

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We deliver exceptional service, with a high degree of dependability

We've been doing this a while. We have some customers that have been with us over ten years. We wouldn't still be here if we didn't do this well. ATLDC provides a maintenance and service portal 24/7 using Ubersmith software, one of the premium management packages in the industry. This allows our clients to interact with the ATLDC staff, get help, and see and monitor every aspect of their services on line.



The better the facility, the better the service. A client's equipment and performance are in many ways affected by the environment in which they reside. ATLDC is designed to operate without interruption. Additionally, temperature, humidity, power, fire suppression and equipment are constantly monitored and are all maintained by factory certified professionals. Settings are energy conscious, but no corners are cut.


ATLDC is a raised floor environment designed on a hot cold aisle concept. All aspects of the facility are N+1 (we can have one of everything go offline and still function at full capacity). There are three separate redundant cooling loops and multiple CRACs dividing cooling burdens. In every way ATLDC is designed to stay in service, thereby protecting our clients from interruption. It is also designed to provide for periodic professional maintenance without service having to be down.



The key to a good power system is its protection from interruption and the ability to quickly add service if it is required. ATLDC uses subfloor wire ways to distribute power throughout the facility. This underfloor system protects the power system from being damaged or disconnected and allows for quick provision of additional power feeds. Additionally through using Emerson PDUs out on the datacenter floor ATLDC is bringing high voltage three phase power close to the cabinets. In this way a client can have 208 volt 3 phase, 220 volt, 110 volt single phase and DC rectifiers quickly and easily brought to their cabinet. ATLDC can provide for the diverse power needs of clients.


ATLDC is connected to the 'Grady' power grid. Literally three of Southern Company's power plants would all have to go offline at the same time for the power to ATLDC be interrupted. And even if that happened, ATLDC's UPS and Generator would keep the data center functioning. ATLDC has true A/B redundant power with totally separate utility feeds and separate UPS with complete bypasses. The facility employs Emerson PDU (managed power distribution units) which are fully redundant at the panel feed level. The internal configuration is as solid as the external power grid.



The ATLDC network is performance oriented to provide the highest quality service to our clients. We can give our clients the capacity they need even up to a 10 Gbps connection. The network is fully managed. Standard BGP routing is over ridden by management protocols through Internap FCPs and Noction managers. This equipment measures both quality and speed across a route and optimizes the pathway the client's data takes to get where it's going the quickest and with the least errors in transmission. We monitor our network 24/7 from various locations around the world.


ATLDC is multihomed, diverse path and carrier neutral. This means that ATLDC has three unique pathways whereby internet connectivity enters the data center. Three separately located conduits would all need to be cut at the same time to sever the internet connection. ATLDC is also not dependent on the capacity of any single ISP, but is simultaneously connected to multiple ISPs in a blended managed network with capacity sufficient to have two or more of them have a service interruption before it would affect the ATLDC network. Additionally all of ATLDC's routers and switches have hot, redundant counterparts.

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