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Multiple Backbone Providers

ATLDC has multiple 10 Gig connections to international backbones to ensure uptime. These connections are provided by TeliaSonera (which includes a primary direct link to their European backbone), Level 3 Communications (recognized as one of the premier backbones in the North and South American continents), GTT and Cogent Communications. We also have 80 Gbps capacity of dark fiber connected to the main POP in the Southeastern United States, TELX's Marietta 56, giving us access to over one hundred national and regional providers and are currently installing 120 Gbps of dark fiber to the new MMR at 55 Marietta.

Reliability of supply

ATLDC is multihomed, diverse path and carrier neutral. Main center primary fiber is SMF OM3 and 4, connected at 10Gbps. ATLDC uses Cisco CRS LCC and Cisco Catalyst 68xx-XLs as edge devices and uses Cisco 65xx, Sup 720 3BXLs (most DC's use this as their edge) for internal switching. ATLDC is connected in the 55 Marietta MMR, the 56 Marietta (TELX) building and directly connected to national ISPs. ATLDC uses Tier 1 providers exclusively. All network components are programmed as hot failover.

ATLDC's CDN Provides Excellent Worldwide Traffic Management

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